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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Concentration Improves spellcasting chance by 20%

+5% spellcasting chance

+1 min duration

8 Self 2 mins
Command The area of effect for the caster's spells is 25% larger

+25% area of effect

+1 min duration

12 Self 2 mins
Enervate Boosts the caster's mana regeneration by 50%

+50% mana regeneration

+1 min duration

20 Self 2 mins
Extend All your spells double in duration +1 min duration 22 Self 2 mins
Mana Flow The caster's spells cost 75% as much +1 min duration 24 Self 2 mins
Corruption Enemy newly summoned creatures may join your side (30 % chance)

+10% chance

+1 min duration

28 Self 2 mins
Dispel Dispels all nearby enemy spells +50% area of effect 32 Command Radius Instant
Mana Leech The caster drains 5 mana when killing enemies

+1 mana drained

+1 min duration

40 Self 2 mins
Empower The caster's spells have 50% greater effect

+25% effect

+1 min duration

60 Self 2 mins
Destruction Causes massive damage to all units and buildings +50% area of effect 100 Command Radius Instant The damage this spell causes = caster's hits -1

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