Combat: 3
Hits: 40
Speed: 10
Damage: 10 Piercing
Range: 6
Armor: 10
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 7
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Medium
Alignment: Good
Race: Human


Archers are basic missile units.



Produced from: Barracks
Requires: Quartermaster
Cost: 50 Gold, 20 Metal
Build Time: 30
Setup Points: 2
Army Points: 1

Like their name, Archers aren't very imaginative. They are pretty bog standard missile units that require large numbers and all three of their upgrades obtained in order to be able to achieve results. But once acquired, they become quite respectable, even if their price tag doesn't really justify their overall performance that is also likely to cause problems in later tiers.

Benefits from Armorer, Fletcher, Bowyer, and Flaming Arrows researches.


  • Ready: "Imperial archer reporting for duty."
  • Select: "Ready." "Cycling targets." " all."
  • Order: "Careful." "Take aim." "Fire!"

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