Combat: 16
Hits: 180
Speed: 15
Damage: 40 Fire
Armor: 10
Resistance: 20
Resistant vs: Fire
Vulnerable vs: Electrical
View: ?
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Max Mana: 40
Start Mana: 10

Size: Medium
Alignment: Good
Race: None / Extra Planar

-Can cast Cure (30 mana)
-Double damage vs. evil enemies
-Causes Awe (10)

Archons are elite flying melee units.



Produced from: Cathedral
Requires: None
Cost: 400 Gold, 200 Crystal
Build Time: 75
Setup Points: 6
Army Points: 2

Alongside Dragons, Knights get access to another elite flying unit - the Archon. Archons cost a lot of resources, but they are very powerful and versatile units. Its Cure Spell can be used to heal units and cure Poison and Disease as well as heal units for a small amount. Alongside their spellcasting ability, they have an immensely powerful attack which is easily capable of felling both armies and buildings with ease, particularly if the enemies are evil aligned.

Note: Archons should actually only cost 200 gold and 200 crystal for the Knight race, but due to an oversight in the game's files (building.cfg) the Archon's discounted price is listed for a metal cost, instead of the gold cost that it actually has.

Benefits from Crusade, Armorer, Order of the Rose and Order of the Dragon researches.


  • Ready: "How may I serve?"
  • Select: "Yes." "My faith is my shield." "My sword is Justice."
  • Order: "Away!" "For the light!" "God speed!" "To the boundaries and beyond!"
  • Deathblow: "In the name of truth!"

Note: Contrary to the audio compilation file above, the Archon has got only three Select speech lines.

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