Combat: 8
Hits: 50
Speed: 4
Damage: 30 Piercing
Range: 14
Armor: 15
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: Piercing
Vulnerable vs: Fire
View: 8
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Large
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Mechanical

-The Ballista's projectiles can pass through multiple opponents

Ballista is a siege weapon.


Dark DwarfEdit

Produced from: Siege Workshop
Requires: None
100 Gold 100 Metal
Build Time: 50
Setup Points: 4
Army Points: 4

The Ballista is an anti-infantry siege weapon, capable of skewing both ground and air units with its bolts and their ability to pass through multiple units. Fragile and long ranged, the Ballista is ideal to be at the back of your lines or hiding behind walls / towers. Although it deals a decent amount of damage, its projectile and attack type are both resisted by towers, making it utterly hopeless to damage buildings. Because of this, as well as Dark Dwarves having access to Hellbores - another siege weapon that can hit both ground and air targets as well as being able to deal large damage to infantry and buildings alike, Ballistae are best left at home when base razing, where they can offer great offensive power against hordes of units wishing to assail your own base.

Benifits from Armorer, Mithril, Siegecraft, Forge, and Spare Parts researches.


Produced from: Foundry
Requires: None
100 Gold 100 Metal
Build Time: 50
Setup Points: 4
Army Points: 4

A formidable siege weapon, the Ballista is a spear bolt-throwing missile unit which is capable of firing projectiles through multiple opponents whether they are flying or not. However, the Ballista is slow, takes a long time to produce and costs 4 Army Points to field.

Benifits from Armorer, Mithril, and Siegecraft researches.


  • Ready: "Ballista! Armed and dangerous!"

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