Combat: 26
Hits: 750
Speed: 13
Damage: 130 Slashing
Armor: 30
Resistance: 30
Resistant vs: Fire
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 8
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Huge
Alignment: Evil
Race: Daemon / Titan

-Causes Terror (10)
-Ignores armor
-Splash damage
-Explodes into Rings of Ice upon death

Balora is a titan.



Produced from: Chaos Shrine (level 3)
Requires: Doomspire (level 5)
Cost: 1200 Gold, 1200 Metal, 1200 Stone, 1200 Crystal
Build Time: 600
Setup Points: 20
Army Points: 4

Balora is the Daemon race's Titan unit. She is a huge Succubus which has excellent combat and damage. Balora's Flying ability makes her more fearsome than most other Titans, as most units cannot hit her. Once Balora has been produced, there is little out there that can make a successful counter to her other than excessive numbers of anti-flying units and upgraded towers. Her only mild weakness is her low hits compared to many other melee Titans.

Benefits from Daemonic Sight research.


  • Ready: "The shadow of Balora has fallen upon this land."
  • Select: "Warm!" "I am your better." "Take your leave." "You think to command me?"
  • Order: "Ha!" "I go where I wish." "None may follow." "This world is mine."
  • Deathblow: "Unworthy creature!"

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