Black Guard

Combat: 18
Hits: 160
Speed: 12
Damage: 40 Slashing
Armor: 20
Resistance: 25
Resistant vs: Fire
Vulnerable vs: Cold
View: 7
Attack Type: Ground units only

Max Mana: 40
Start Mana: 20

Size: Medium
Alignment: Evil
Race: Dark Elf

-Can cast Invisibility (35 mana)
- Can convert buildings
-Poison (10)

Blackguard are generals.


Dark ElfEdit

Produced from: Tree of Pain
Requires: Dark Tower (level 5)
Cost: 100 Gold, 150 Metal, 100 Crystal
Build Time: 120
Setup Points: 5
Army Points: 1

Blackguards are generals designed for spying or hit and run attacks. They perform well in most senses but are physically weaker compared to something like a Giant. However, they only take up one of your army points and could be produced en masse for a powerful infantry force. Although with a two minute production time, it will take a while to form. Also, while undocumented in game, they are capable of inflicting Poison.

Benefits from Black Ward, Summon Mana, and Harpy Hag researches.


  • Ready: "I am the instrument of Kargoth's will."
  • Select: "I am the void." "My soul has fled." "I see only darkness." "Nothing remains."
  • Order: "Burn." "For the Dark Flame." "Kargoth guides me." "Fire consumes me."
  • Deathblow: "Writhe in pain!"
  • Conversion: "Dark fire spreads across the land!"

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