Like all games, WBC3 has a decent amount of bugs and issues. Here I'm going to list as many as we can find in the un-modded 1.03 version of the game, so modders starting out fresh can see what bugs the vanilla game comes with and thus know what needs to be fixed.

I may post solutions to the easier to fix ones or mention which mods out there have those bugs fixed for the purpose of asking for help with them. Some bugs are actually present in the game's external files, such as audio and visual issues. A lot of these I have fixed myself and can be found in The Protectors mod. (There is currently no other public downloads for those files)

At this time I don't have any plans to make links to this page from any other areas on this wiki, since only modders will be able to fix these issues and thus no need to draw public attention to them, but nonetheless, I like to document these things :)


1. The AI can't detect neutral mines that have their full north side placed next to impassible terrain.

2. The AI has very poor handling of neutral units. In most cases it wont even respond to them attacking their units. It's painful to watch an enemy Hero attempt numerous times to try and convert a mine while been repeatedly attacked by lair Gnolls.

3. If the AI detects a mine to convert but can't physically get there, the converter (usually their Hero) will move to the closest spot to the mine and just stand there until something of a higher priority becomes apparent.

4. Unit's set to a magic casting attitude (and those used by the AI) will cast their offensive spells against harmless animals.

5. Units set to "Stand Guard" will open fire upon neutral buildings within range.

6. Units on a magic casting attitude will occasionally cast their spells before the target gets within range.

7. Units on a magic casting attitude will still cast their spells on targets that are immune to their spells. Such as casting Poison cloud on constructs or units already suffering from poison, casting Entangle on aerial units or those already entangled etc, casting Resist Fire on units already affected by Resist Fire etc....

8. The AI cannot build Mortars.

9. The AI cannot build Hovels. Although it is questionable as to whether the AI is actually affected by the population cap.

10. The Dark Dwarven AI can somehow morph their Wraiths into Shadows.

11. The AI cannot build Supply depots. But like I said before, I don't know if the AI are even affected by the pop cap.

12. Souls are created belonging to the neutral side, who leaves them where they are. But if a non-neutral AI side owns them, then they will try to attack with it, sending them towards the enemy. This can be seen in the campaign through the mercenaries they can obtain.

13. The AI cannot upgrade Hydra Caves into neither an Ice Cave nor Fire Cave.

14. AI Heroes will still try casting spells when their spell-cool-down timer is in place.


1. The Barbarian Warlord actually has 4 speech files, but yet tagged to have only 3.

2. Squires have 3 speech files, but tagged to have only 2.

3. Unicorns have 2 speech files, but tagged to have just 1.

4. The Flame Cannon's Order1 speech has a little bit of audio scratch at the start.

5. Dancing Swords have 2 speech files, but are tagged to have only 1.

6. Manticores have no speech files other than a ready speech.

7. Daemons have no ready speech. Fortunately for those with WBC2, you can simply just extract the one used in GameSpeech.xcr and chuck it into WBC3's DaemonsVoices.en.

8. Reapers have no voice!

9. Wall of Ice and Wall of Thorns have no selection sound. (These two buildings seem to have been overlooked a lot.)


1. A building's range is misleading, as the range starts from the center of the building, but yet the edge of the building is what enemy targets can hit, essentially meaning the building has a lower range than what it says. This also means a ranged unit with equal or even lower range than a tower will out range it.

2. Due to the way that building upgrades to other buildings work, the Plaguelords' Fire and Ice caves do not use their own sound files when they were built as an addon to the Hydra Cave, but instead use the Plague Shrine's sound files. A pre-place Ice / Fire cave uses its sounds correctly, though, as it was never built upon another building.

3. When a building during construction is destroyed, it will first display it being fully built before it collapses.

4. If a building is destroyed just beyond your screen's edge, then the building wont fall down - still counting as being there for the purpose of a side's AI targeting and for "stop defeat". Scrolling the screen over it causes it to the fall down like it should have done.

5. The game does not check build requirements based on other buildings before placing the building down to be built. This allows a builder to build things that it should no longer be able to build.

6. Units that can't build from the walls/towers tab can still build such buildings by first selecting a wall/tower to build from a unit that can build these and then have the player press the "next idle builder" button to cycle through to the builder that normally cannot build that building. Choosing to place down the building now causes that unit to build that building.

7. The Mortar's firing position for its projectile is incorrect and results in the projectile being fire from "nothing" to the right of the Mortar. This looks like the .bui file was never updated in this regard when the new model was made for it for WBC3, as the WBC2 model was longer horizontally and the projectile was launched from the right of the center of the building.

8. Buildings have a missile-resistance to Flaming Poison Arrows, but not normal Flaming Arrows. Regardless of whether it inflicts poison or not, they're both flaming arrows and to a building would be equally effective. One of them is wrong.

9. Despite buildings being resistant to all physical missiles, they have no special resistance to rock projectiles (the ones that Trolls have). But is this one actually meant to be an exception?

10. Spider Eggs, Wall of Ice and Wall of Thorns all set on fire when damaged. Due to the combination of low hit points or and material type, I believe these buildings shouldn't set on fire when damaged, just like the Gravestone.

11. The Lightning Spire 1's firing position is set too far to the right.


1. Through the use of the campaign item storage, it's possible to incorrectly assign items to the wrong areas on your Hero. I've never actually done this myself, nor know exactly how it's done, but I have heard about it from numerous different sources.

2. The third act of Zhur in the campaign incorrectly replays the first act again.

3. The campaign's feature to gain extra starting points seem to have an indirect influence on normal skirmish games in some cases. By purchasing additional starting points with krowns, as well as playing campaign maps that have higher than normal starting points, the starting amount of the next none-campaign skirmish map could be much higher that what it is meant to be set at. I once had 198! However, the game rounds this down to 100 when you try to play with that many. Still, 100 starting points out of 50 is clearly too much!

4. During the very first mission, it's possible (but very rare and possibly only after playing through some of the campaign before restarting it during a single sitting) that the starting archers (pre-placed units) gain a random bonus of 99xp. It's possibly related to the above (number 3), where certain specific campaign values aren't getting cleared and influencing other areas of the game.

5. The Yrm shop is never accessible (a real shame since it's the best shop in the game!)

6. The Shrines on the Guardia mission "Garb of Thyatis" cannot be searched.

7. The replayable Guardia skirmish is meant to feature Knight allies, but their side is completely absent from the battle.

8. The Sundered Isle maps that feature the rift contain a tile discrepancy in the ocean.

9. The map for the mission "Against the Ghouls" contains tile discrepancies in the top left corner of the map.


1. Splash attacks that cause a critical hit (including a deathblow) will strike "allied" units within range. I.E: If a Giant belonging to your allies attacks an enemy unit in melee near your units, then if that Giant scored a Deathblow - then your units nearby will get hit, too, taking the obscene damage amount and being stunned!!! Morale of the story - keep away from splash damage friendly units. They could turn on you at a moments notice!

2. Splash attacks that cause a critical hit don't check along the vertical plain, allowing grounded units that can't hit aerial targets to still strike them and vice verse. I.E: If a Salamander scores a critical hit against a Swordsman, nearby fliers can also be hit, despite the Salamander being tagged to only hit grounded units.

3. Critical cleaves hits all units within horizontal range that are not on the exact side as the unit who caused this. Similar to above with the Giant, but from any unit that has a slashing type attack. Further more, it doesn't check for a unit's vertical position, allowing units like Swordsmen (who can only hit grounded targets) to hit aerial targets, or allowing Eagles (who can only hit aerial targets) to hit grounded units.

4. A unit wont cause a critical cleave if the initial target wont survive the attack, despite scoring a critical hit. This means a unit with a low damage output does better against swarms of units than those with higher damage amounts.

5. When a unit suffers a critical burn, it will cancel what ever commands it had been issued with, and replace them for the random running around if there are no enemies nearby detected by the automatic-unit-AI. This itself isn't the bug, but how a side's AI handles it is, as the AI's units only ever do what the main side's AI tells it to do. So when an AI's unit suffers a critical burn - it looses its orders and just stands there mindlessly for a few seconds before the main AI re-orders the unit to do something. I'm sure you've all seen an enemy unit charging you and then a stray fire arrow hits it with a critical burn, causing the advancing enemy unit to stop dead in its tracks.

6. Critical burns don't award kills. It's painful when you're on a quest to kill an enemy Hero and have your Fire Dragon smite one, only to see the enemy Hero run off and then burn to death - awarding no kills for you nor your Dragon, leaving your quest still incomplete! 6. Like above, critical cleaves don't award kills, neither. You loose out more with this one, as a critical cleave can only take place if the initial target were to survive the critical damage, but then the critical cleave is dropped on top of that, also hitting the initial target, which could very well fell them - meaning no kills awarded at all!

7. Stray electrical projectiles don't cause damage if they strike a unit. This one has such a large impact on the game that players keep this in mind when using units that have these projectiles.

8. Harmless animals can be assassinated for 100 gold. I don't mind them being assassinated, but to get a bounty for killing them? I doubt anyone would put a bounty on some random Seal.

9. The same splash damage attack that destroyed a building will also hit any units immediately spawned from it (such as Lair Bosses or those fallen from towers), if the unit was spawned within the splash damage range.

10. Projectiles with the "carry though" ability will always miss all targets if it tried to hit a target immediately next to it. I.E: Barbarian spears will always miss if they're engaged in melee combat. Even if the projectile is thrown and it passes through other units, it will miss them, too. A Shame since Barbarians are one of only 2 archers in the game that had a deathblow sound, yet to hear it means nothing.

11. A suicidal unit's splash damage can't hit aerial targets, despite the unit itself being tagged to do so. The unit will still chase down aerial targets and explode - but wont inflict any damage.

12. A suicidal unit's splash damage can strike a building as many times as the splash range in squares crosses a building's grid squares, allowing units like Firebombs to do obscene damage to buildings, and in some cases, destroying them outright!

13. Units with a minimum range can still hit enemy units that are within this range if they were targeted before the enemy got within this range.

14. Electric projectiles can pass through void terrain (I.E: Cavern walls).

15. Missiles shot at certain angles have trouble hitting buildings with little art work compared to the building's full image. Typically this can be seen when attacking towers just gone under construction or when attacking the Undead's Cage.

16. Missiles shot from a unit that died while the missile was still in flight, deal no damage.


1. Having too many tile sets causes the editor to be unable to "select" some of the last loaded sets. However, the game still loads the tiles from those sets normally. Although, if you drastically go beyond this tile limit, then the game starts to refuse loading those later tile sets. Admittedly, this is something that any normal player would not encounter.

2. The editor event "Change to night" will first set the time to "day" before transitioning it to night even if it was already night. Setting such an event to loop will cause the screen to constantly flash day before going dark. All this applies to the "Chang to day" event as well.

3. The event condition "Move a unit(s) to a square" doesn't actually check for the quantity of units required.

4. If an event square overlaps with another event square, then only the top one (last placed one) can be triggered by units that cross it.

5. The item chest panel, caused by clicking on a pre-placed item chest, can't be closed - not even exiting the editor will get rid of it!

6. After resigning from a game, the editor will then run really, really slowly. This is undone by starting another match and then finishing it normally (victory / defeat).

7. The editor incorrectly wont allow placement of objects "in front" of an existing object, regardless of whether the grids of the 2 objects have valid positions. This has resulted in me to always build my maps from the bottom and then work up, as the editor correctly uses just the object's grid when it is being placed behind an existing object.

8. Events following a timer will loose all sense of time if a game was saved and then reloaded. I.E: an event designed to loop once every 3 seconds could end up something like looping once every 2 minutes after a saved game was loaded.

9. A timed event that requires additional conditions that is triggered, but then has the conditions undone will still continue on. I.E: Imagine a 10 minute timed event that also requires flag 1 on to play. Flag 1 becomes on, starting the timed event, but before the 10 minute timer is up, flag 1 is then turned off, thus meaning the conditions for the event are no longer present - the event, however, still plays on and still activates after the timer is up, despite flag 1 no longer meeting the requirement.

10. The editor incorrectly claims you can't place an object against the very top and left sides of the map, but you can.

11. Choosing to move a feature will cause it to create a new grid on the new position, but still leaves its old one behind, still rendering the previous location impassible (if the feature blocked paths, that is).


1. Sound based memory leak! As you play consecutive games without closing to desktop, the sound starts playing up and the very stability of the game falters. Eventually the game to crashes to desktop, but you'll receive a few signs before this actually happens. The first one is the campaign cutscenes loose their narrator speech. Later, in-battle speech start to be cut short. Then, when the game verges on the brink of crashing, all sound effects appear to have been disabled - literally, because the game has set the sound FX options to "off". At this point the game is certain to crash when you next get to the victory/defeat screen after the battle. 

2. Having too many units / buildings defined through the system.xcr's cfg files, causes the game to immediately crash when it has to load any unit / building. The current limit is equal to the amount of units already in the game, meaning you can't add any more units to the current game. Like above, it's not something a normal player would encounter, but there is still no fail safe to prevent player ruining their game accidentally. 

3. Like with everything else, there is a limit to the number of features the game allows on a single map. This itself is not a bug as the game simply prevents any more from being placed instead of crashing, but I'm classifying it as one because it does causes an area of the game to not work as intended - random maps! Some of the random map files (GOMs) are so heavy in features that on some terrain types (mainly Grasslands) the game hits this features limit before even assembling half the map, causing the top half to be rich in detail, whereas the bottom half is left utterly baron!

4. There is an in-game limit to the amount of units any one side can produce. I deem this a bug because players can encounter this just by playing the game normally. I'm unsure of what happens when the Human player hits this limit, but the AI simply breaks down and does nothing for the rest of the game, even if it already has units on the field which it can attack with.

5. There's also a limit to the amount of units / building that are allowed on a map at any one time. Once this limit is reached, the game crashes to desktop. Unfortunately, this one is actually rather common, especially with 5 Emperor AI players. The other day I decided to play against some Emperors in a normal scenario (my first game against Emperors in 2014) and sure enough, we hit this limit! That's 1 game with Emperors and 1 game where it was a stalemate due the this crash-causing-limit. Determined not to let it be, I reloaded my save file of that match and tried many times to rush them, picking off easy to destroy buildings and even had to result into destroying my own, just so I could complete the scenario. Many times it crashed but I got there in the end!

6. Too many defined items crash the game when an item is loaded. And again, the limit is equal to the amount of items already in the game.

7. Neutral units and item chests seem to be linked. If the neutral side hits the max-producible-units-per-side limit, then no more item chests can be created, either. Forcing one to be created results in a crash to desktop. This is notoriously nasty on maps with a lot of lairs, as the neutral side could hit this limit early and before all enemy Heroes have been killed. If just one of those remaining Heroes has an item in their backpack, then the game is a stale mate - if he dies then the game crashes, as it can't create the item chest spawned from his death.


1. If a Hero does more than 1024 damage in melee, then they enter the infamous "Hero Crash" where the hero dies beyond death and remains standing, repeating a deathblow sound if the damage exceeded the limit due to a deathblow. The Hero, however, never actually counts as being dead, despite having a negative HP value in the -1000's. Not only does this render the Hero useless and un-interactable for the remainder of the battle, but as the Hero still counts as existing, it will prevent the game from ever ending! I'm uncertain as to what happens if a ranged attack does more than 1024 damage. It's named the Hero Crash as in the un-modded game, only Heroes can reach such a high damage output, but an externally modified unit can reach this limit, too. 

2. When a Hero's HP reaches the 1000's, their mana will be incorrectly displayed as being in the 1000's, too. I.E: a mana amount of 320 would be displayed as being 1320 if the Hero's HP is in the 1000's. The same thing applies in reverse order, too - when a Hero reaches 1000 mana, then his HP will be incorrectly displayed as being in the 1000's.

3. By queuing "priority" commands to a Hero, you can have them convert a building at the same time as building one, allowing the hero to safely convert something without fear of being harmed and interrupted.

4. For the purpose of the normal "Stop defeat" or AI resignation, Heroes don't count as being dead until they start to decompose. This was something that didn't occur until WBC2.

5. Some Heroes have incorrect death sounds.

6. A Hero obtained during a match (from Resurrection) wont have a correct speech set and some don't even have any at all. It seems that only the original 8 Heroes will ever have a speech set and only the first one obtained will. Further more, the speech set it acquires is that of side one's Hero.

7. Assassin class Heroes gain 100 gold for their assassinations, too. However, the game never once mentions this to you - standard unit assassinations call up small text along side the yellow skull's visual effects stating the +100 gold. It's also questionable whether or not Heroes are actually meant to gain the 100 gold for their assassinations.

8. Daemon Heroes are tagged as good creatures. (This is NOT a system.xcr issue.)

9. The Hero skill "Reave" apparently doesn't work. I've never used this skill but I've heard many people mention it not doing anything.

10. Bronze Golems from the battle just fought wont appear in the new recruits for playing as Dark Dwarves, but randomly given Bronze Golems can be to Dark Dwarven Heroes. Note that the only reason Dark Dwarven Heroes can get Bronze Golems into their retinue is because of a hack that gives each race their general when none made it through to the end of the game. If Dark Dwarves are allowed a Bronze Golem into their retinue, then I don't see why an exception can't be made to allow the ones they battled with to enter the new recruits.

11. A Hero's chosen profession seems to alter their alignment. An Orc Runemaster, for example, is considered a good creature. There is absolutely nothing in game that mentions this. That is, if it's not actually a bug.

12. There's a maximum limit to the amount of objects a Hero can target within his command radius (32 I believe). That means if there are more than that, then some objects wont be targeted by what ever the Hero is doing. Since the calculation for working out which of the 32 objects will be targeted is the typical top to bottom and left to right, objects to the bottom right of a Hero are less likely to get targeted. This can even create unfair matches where 2 Heroes (one in the top left corner of the map and one in the bottom right) have the power to fire off Call Lightning and with map-covering spell range boosts, the Hero in the bottom right corner of the map can hit the top left one, but top left one can't hit the bottom right one, as the 32 object limit would get full before it reaches the bottom right Hero.

13. The hero Skill "Arcane Rune" does not affect Spider Priestesses.


1. When a single selected unit dies, sometimes the interface delays, allowing you to still issue commands to the recently died unit. Some of these commands (such as setting a patrol) will crash the game to desktop.

2. When frantically clicking a spell casting button on a selected unit to trigger nearby units to cast the same spell, nearby recently died units will cast theirs, too! This may only apply to summoning spells, though.

3. By moving units around newly opened retinue slots, you can "summon" a magical Ice Guard that can be recruited. This mythical Ice Guard has no stats nor can it do anything or be interacted with, which means you can't ever be defeated if this units is brought into battle.

4. Fog of war correctly conceals units - preventing the player from from selecting things on the map which they cannot see. However, hidden map doesn't do this, allowing you to select things in the fog and spy on what your enemies are doing, despite not actually meant to be able to do so.

5. Units ordered to attack targets that then become concealed by fog of war / hidden map, are still targeted, allowing your units to hunt them down. Further more, holding down shift to bring up the order queue will pin-point the target's position exactly.

6. A unit repeatedly ordered to move will occasional jump squares of the map tiles, allowing them to catch up with faster units.

7. Ordering a unit to attack an enemy target that's "in front" of an allied unit, will incorrectly order the unit to only move to that location, despite the attack cursor being displayed.

8. After visiting the graveyard after a battle, the button will remain "highlighted" regardless of where the cursor actually is.


1. Units summoned from items are not placed by the Hero who owns the item, but instead will be placed at co-ords 0,0.

2. Item chest can be created on impassible terrain. Considering another bug regarding item chests, ones on impassible terrain should be destroyed.

3. The Banner of Seeing doesn't give Heroes enough points in Divination magic to use the See Invisible spell that it advertises. Prior to 1.03 it used to, but then got caught in the mass item nerfing without any thought going into its original design.

4. Heroes wont open an item chest directly under them if there's one nearby. This is because the game checks for opening chests in a 3x3 grid around the Hero, starting with the top row and going from the left. That means if there is a chest in one the first four squares, then the Hero will open that one instead.

5. Opening and closing a Hero's inventory does not check maximum mana bonuses. This results in mana exceeding the Hero's maximum base amount to drop back to the base amount if he had more at that time (granted through items that increase the maximum mana amount).


1. The Knights powerup "Order of the Dragon" (+10 resistance) doesn't reset its effects after a match. This allows the player to start the next game with its effects already in play. Further more, the powerup's effects stack, allowing the player to re-perches the ability and get its effects for a second time and even for a third time and so on, if the player just keeps on playing game after game and keeps buying the upgrade. Needless to say, after 10 games you'll have +100 resistance to your troops!

2. The Dwarven powerup "Engineering" doesn't apply itself correctly to building with multiple levels. The powerup is applied to the building at the time of being researched or after it and not updated when the building is upgraded. This allows for higher level buildings to gain more HP at the time of researching the skill then those that are built after it. See the comments section below for more in-depth information about this.

3. The Dark Elves' "Sorcery" skills do not stack properly for Spider Priestesses produced before the second skill is researched. See the comments section below for more details.

4. It's possible to sacrifice units with the "Sacrifice" skill that normally wont give you the option of sacrificing them by grouping them along with a unit that can, after that unit was previously selected, ready for sacrificing. If a truly non-sacrificial unit was grouped, then he still counts towards the possible chance but wont be killed off. If a Daemon was summoned with such as unit, then his spawned location will be completely random.


1. Quest condition "Obtain a building" doesn't just check against newly obtained buildings, but existing buildings, too. Further more, it doesn't even check the quantity. If you have at least one of the required buildings (even before the quest begins) you can immediately return to the quest building after accepting the quest to then have it completed. Note that the quest in progress dialog seems to be checking for the right buildings and amount - just not the core quest itself.

2. Neutral and allied buildings, which do not count towards a quest's score/requirements, are still included when the game is working out what quest to make appear. This means you may end up with a quest that wants you to destroy your ally's base.....which wont ever count as being done even if you did decide to destroy it.

3. A condition that requires a specific amount of units killed doesn't correctly check against the units in play. I.E: A quest may appear that wants you to slay 10 Orcs, but yet there may only actually be 7 on the map.

4. A quest's timer doesn't stop counting down when the completion dialog is displayed. This means if you are really short on time - you could still fail the quest while reading the completion text.

5. The completion dialog doesn't display for a quest that requires only resources when the player has enough to complete the quest before accepting it.

6. Quests only check against the player's resources the moment the player's Hero meets the quest building and before any dialogs are displayed. Any change to the player's resources while reading what ever dialog is displayed will be ignored. I.E: If the player needs 300 crystal but only had 299 when he encountered the quest building, the quest will still see him as having 299 crystal no matter how much time has passed and no matter how much crystal was gathered (or even lost!) while the dialog has been displayed.

7. After revisiting a resource based quest and being shown the completion dialog - the player's resources have yet to be taken off him. This then leads to the above bug where the player may no longer have the required amount as it may have changed during the dialog, but yet still completes the quest. "What's that, Storm Dragon? You want 2000 gold and you'll join me? Well I've just cunningly queued up my Titan to be produced after a cheaper unit, so here's only 800 gold!". "SOLD!" said the Storm Dragon.

8. Units / Item chests spawned from a quest will appear by the Hero who completed it - regardless of where the Hero is at that point. This means by using the shift key to queue orders, you can have your Hero visit a quest and then immediately make his way back to base. Closing the completion dialog now will have all the spawned goodies appear in your base! Quite the exploit when the quest is on the other side of the map and the reward are 4 Dwarven Smiths who would otherwise take tens of minutes to make it to your base.

9. Rewarded units from a quest are affected by your Heroes training skill. Now, this one caused a bit of a stir on the Battlefield forums as to whether training should affect them or not. I say no and that this is a bug based on the fact that producing a unit represents training and units from quests aren't produced. (But of course, Mercenaries are an exception to this)

10. One of the Plaguelords quests has no completion text, leaving an empty completion dialog - I forget exactly which one now (I think Red Plague?) but I fixed this in my Quest pack.

11. Once an active quest has expired, there's a bit of a delay before the quest building goes empty. At this point you can re-take out the same quest. However, the quest building will still go empty and "delete" your current quest (no message about it being expired - it just goes) and occasionally this will crash the game to desktop.


1. Resources refunded from canceled purchases are lost if the player doesn't have enough "free space" to store them. I.E: if the player has 2800 Gold and cancels a Dragon, costing 1000 gold, then the player is given only 200 gold back - loosing 800 gold!

2. If a resource value drops below 0 then the game crashes to desktop. Although, to be fair, this will only ever occur through a negative hero value from a modded item.

3. Occasionally a player cannot reach their maximum resource amount if their income is higher than the remaining amount on the maximum limit.


1. The Spell recovery timers that were introduced in version 1.01 can sometimes be drawn over the interface and remain there for the rest of the current battle.

2. The spell "Mutate" wont change enemy units into Seals or Turtles.

3. Despite numerous attempts, Liches still try and cast their "Call the dead" spell when it wont work. However, they wont actually loose their mana for doing so. (This one's probably more of an AI issues.)

4 The spell "Spell Forge" does not double the damage from a weapon item. Any other effects the weapon may have are still doubled as normal.

5 Summon Guardian spells display to the caster what level the spell will be cast at before actually casting. This allows the player to cancel the spell each time they know it wont be cast at the highest level available them.

6. The spell "Ice Flow" is totally manipulated for the caster's weapon item. Typically, the spell should give the hero a crushing type attack that passes through multiple units and has a Ice block look to it. However, the attack becomes a ranged attack based on what ever damage type the Hero possesses, this will also change how the projectile functions. If the hero has a slashing attack, then the Ice Flow attack will be the Minotaur Axe Thrower's projectile, complete with the "carry through" rule. If the Hero has a fire type attack, then he will have the fire arrows projectile etc....

7. Chaos Plague is unaffected by spell range modifiers.

8. Poison Gate affects units that it shouldn't. Firstly, it affects allied units. Secondly, it affects units immune to poison, such as those who carry the effect or those who are immune via race (such as Undead).

9. Corruption affects allied units, allowing you to steal a team mate's summoned unit.

10. Additional Shadows beyond the first one summoned with the spell "Call Shadow" are randomly placed in one of the four corners of the map, instead of by the caster.

11. Units that emit Terror (Dragons) are also made to be immune to all psyche effects. However, psyche effects through spells still affect them. (Namely Scare and Awe.)

12. Spells that emit a psyche condition can still affect units that are already suffering from a psyche condition. Further more, these units will then have their psyche condition replaced by what ever the spell inflicted upon them. In some cases this can actually downgrade a unit's suffering. I.E: The spell Scare will replace a unit's Terror for Fear.


1. Wall of Thorns is not listed in the editor. (It's absent from the editor list at the bottom of Building.cfg)

2. The Ice Maiden is listed twice in the game's army.cfg, with the first entry sharing the same ID with the Orc's Goblin Chieftain. This entry is actually unused and can be replaced for an entirely new unit.

3. Salamanders and Reapers aren't tagged as being extra planar creatures.

4. Archons are meant to have a price discount when purchased through the Knight race, but the discount was incorrectly placed for metal instead of gold, thus Knight's are paying full gold for the Archon when they are not meant to. There is also a crystal discount, but that one works as intended.

5. The Tyrannosaurus doesn't actually require the Saurus Pen for production. Instead, it's incorrectly tagged to require a level 5 Sun Temple.

6. Gnolls are racially tagged as Orcs and evil, but they are neither.

7. Some of the Swarm's non-producible buildings pointlessly stop defeat. (Only those that can produce units, attack or convert should)

8. Elven Hunters are racially tagged as High Elves instead of Wood Elves.

9. Lightning Hawks are tagged as good creatures, but every other flier (except Dragonliches and Celestial Dragons) are tagged as neutral. This makes their alignment inconsistent.

10. Firebombs are tagged as "huge" units despite obviously being small.

11. Imps aren't tagged as being evil. Maybe they're not meant to be? They're daemonic so I say they should be.

12. King Khalid isn't tagged as being a missile unit. This actually does a lot of beneficial things to him. Either he is incorrectly tagged as being a melee unit or, if intentional, then not documented in the help box.

13. Tower of the Moon isn't tagged to stop defeat, despite producing the High Elven Titan and even able to attack via the Holy Word ability.

14. The Dark Elven Void isn't tagged to stop defeat, despite being able to attack.

15. The Cathedral doesn't stop defeat for Knights, despite not only producing their General, Titan and second advanced flier, but also capable of attacking via Holy Word.

16. The Sun Temple (all levels) isn't tagged to stop defeat. All keeps should (and the others do) as they can convert.


1. Ramparts, Wall of Thorns and Wall of Ice have no help tip.

2. Seals and Turtles have no help tip.

3. The Barbarian skill "Gladiators" claims it affects all infantry - it does not. It only affects Barbarians / Riders / Warlords and Reavers (as well as Minotaurs).

4. The Dark Dwarven skill "Forge" (+2 speed for Siege weapons) also affects Golems, but this isn't stated.

5. The Ssrathi skill "Couatl's Favor" only adds +3 combat for their units, not the +4 that it says it does.

6. Shadows are stated to have +5 combat at night, but they actually get +7. I can understand this one - they do indeed get a +5 combat bonus at night, but by being an Undead creature, they get +2 naturally. And so they add together to make +7.

7. WBC3 removed the speed penalty from fear, yet the icon still says units are at -2 speed.

8. The item "The Vault Key" has a typo in its description.

9. The Poison Cloud spell still has a typo in its description, despite being "fixed" for the official 1.03 patch. (Well, they improved the typo, but never removed it)

10. Acquire says it instantly converts all buildings within the caster's command radius, but since 1.03, it actually only converts mines.

11. Dwarven Crossbows say they count as 2 archers when put in a tower - but this is incorrect. Dwarven Crossbows don't have any ability at all. It looks as if the help box is just referring to them being an advanced archer, but also worded wrongly. By rights this text should be removed from the abilities line from help box BUT other lines from the help box still needs to be updated to mention that Dwarven Crossbows are an advanced unit - not a basic one.

12. Dragonliches don't state that they are resistant to missiles in the help box.

13. Blackguards cause poison but this isn't mentioned in the help box.

14. Elephants cause fear but the help box doesn't mention this.

15. Tower of the Moon can research and use Rites to Dawn but this isn't mentioned in the help box.

16. Paladin and Grand Paladin do not mention that they are also applied to Knight Champions.

17. Tiles Rock cliff--> Rock/dirt--> “Bottom right” and “inside bottom right” names should be swapped.


1. If a titan was destroyed while a 2x2 foot print sized unit is positioned directly north of the Titan, then it wont explode. 

2. A Titan obtained from a quest counts as you building your own Titan, thus removing its access from your buildings. A resurrected Titan originally did this, too, but was "fixed" for 1.03. This is why I deem this quest variant one a bug.

3. If an AI resigns and thus causing any of its towers to collapse, any units in them at the time wont be removed from play immediately, but will be left there on the map unresponsive and uninteractive. They will eventually be removed after some time has passed.

4. Human player controlled builders cannot build a building directly under them and will always move north 1 square before placing the building down. This means they will build the building in a different place to where the Human player ordered.

5. New recruits offered after a match has ended can choose from dead units that had yet to decompose before the battle was over.

6. Retinue units that had died but not decomposed before the battle was over do not count as being killed and thus remain in your retinue.

7. A unit ordered to move will move at the speed it had at the time it was ordered, even if its speed had changed during movement. I.E: a unit with a speed of 6 that was told to move will move at a speed of 6 until it gets to its destination or issued another command. If, during movement, its speed then changed to 12, the unit would still move at a speed of 6. This applies to attack speeds, too.

8. The Zombie ability "Feast of Garok" occasionally fails to gather resources, despite removing nearby corpses. The same thing applies to Bronze Golems and their ability to scavenge rubble.

9. Minotaur Axe Throwers can eat animals with their projectiles. Normally, if an Axe Thrower was told to attack (and eat) an animal, it would disabled its ranged attack and run up to it, adding logic to the situation. But stray projectiles that hit animals will cause them to be eaten. The same thing applies to ranged spells cast from the Minotaur Hero and Shaman. Yes, they can eat Cows by blasting them with fire!

10. Ice Guards don't actually do triple damage vs Dwarves. There's a typo in the source code that is responsible for this.

11. Flying units spawned over terrain regarded as being impassible for grounded troops are still destroyed, despite not being impassible for them.

12. Spider Priestesses that try to spawn a Queen Spider while their pop cap is full loose their mana, despite their spell not actually casting.

13. Iron Golems that try to spawn a Firebomb while their pop cap is full loose their mana, despite their spell not actually casting.

14. Succubi can create Souls from Souls. This can be exploited in 2 ways. 1) It allows a Succubus to "push" inaccessible Souls towards accessible areas for grounded Daemons to devour. 2) It can be used to "lengthen" the duration a Soul has before it expires.

15. Like with Minotaur Axe Throwers, Summoners are meant to obtain Souls on contact, but yet their stray ranged attacks could hit a Soul and thus consume it from afar. A Daemon Hero's ranged spells can also target and consume Souls for afar for him. (Interestingly, electric projectiles don't cause damage on stray hits but yet can pop Souls.....)

16. Ghouls do not actually cause disease, but the help box says they do. Logic would suggest they should.

17. The T-Rex's movement animation is too fast for its movement speed. (It needs to use the frame latency from within its .arm file to slow it down)

18. Saving a game when a unit is in motion, crossing 2 squares, can result in the unit becoming stuck when the game is reloaded. I think this happens when the unit is exactly between two squares - thus having no valid position to reload to.

19. Pterodactyls aren't set to be drawn at the same height as other fliers. They're actually drawn only slightly above the ground! (This is NOT an issue with the image itself, but rather an issue with the unit's .ani file.)

20. Minotaur Shaman are incorrectly set to have a single death animation line (as if it were a flier) causing it to always face north when it dies. 


1. Red Mages have visual discrepancies during certain angles of his attack and death animations. These range from loss of colour to a complete black mess on some areas. I.E: during his firing animation, his face becomes nothing more than a black squiggly mess for a few frames.

2. As with the Red Mage, the White Mage's death animation also suffers from the same visual discrepancies. However, his attack animation is fine.

3. The Knight's Hero looses some of his team colours during most of his animations.

4. The Wood Elf Hero looses nearly all of her team colours during her conversion animation. The only thing that keeps her team colour is her flag.

5. Dark Infantry loose some of their team colours during their walking animation.

6. WBC3 introduced the "Frost" damage type and many past units were updated to use this new attack, such as the Basilisk. However, although the Basilisk's attack animation was updated to reflect this change (its eyes now glow blue instead of red) its interface image was never updated - still showing the Basilisk with red glowing eyes!

7. Gornak's Basilisk was never updated to reflect the new frost attack change - still displaying red glowing eyes for attacking.

8. If a storm ends on a lightning flash, the screen will remain lit up till the time of day changes (day to night / night to day).

9. The Ssrathi skill "Deflection" has the wrong grey-scale image, for when the skill cannot be purchased.

10. Lord Melkor's smaller interface image contains a striking blue background, instead of solid black.

11. Wall of Ice's interface image contains a a vertical line of artifacts on the far right side.

12. The Black Mage contains artifacts on his firing and dying animations.

13. The Stone Golem's walking west animation contains an ill frame.

14. The Wyvern's flying north and north west animation contains a couple of ill frames.

15. The Scorpion's south-east attacking animation contains a few discrepancies around its team colour band.

16. Many tiles do not line up correctly. A lot of these were fixed in my "Official tile fix pack".

17. Some tiles have the wrong mini picture. These were fixed in my "Official tile fix pack".

18. Wall of Thorns has no small / hover interface image and instead forces the game to attempt at making one itself from the main interface image - the game doesn't do a very good job at this at all!

19. The Faerie Dragon's flying north east animation contains artifacts by the feet. (Looks like the toes aren't moved with the legs)

20. Engineers contain magenta pixels on all of their frames. (The magenta pixels are meant to be "ignored")

21. Queen Spiders contain magenta pixels on their legs. (The magenta pixels are meant to be "ignored")

22. Spider Lairs don't have the correct eye colour.

23. Dwarven Infantry are a few ill frames on their idle animation.

24. The shadow for the College and Brewery do not join up with the building itself.

25. The outline for all 3 Quarries contain team-coloured pixels.

26. The explosion death animation for many mechanical and large units is cropped at the top.

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