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Campaign Bonuses are abilities that help your hero out during battles. These bonuses are passive and none have any requirements to activate. There are 15 Campaign Bonuses in total, out of these 3 are story related and have no affect on the hero. Campaign Bonuses only affect your hero during Campaign Scenarios, they will not affect your hero outside the campaign. These bonuses are gained by completing various scenarios in the campaign.



The Serpent's Eye Adds +2 Vision Radius for all troops. Tongu - The Serpent's Eye
Winds of the Desert Adds +50% Attack Speed to your Hero. Northern Diraq
Dreamcrystal Shard Adds +25% to Mana Regeneration Speed Twilight Woods
Cureall Stone Immunity to Disease Colis Tarn - Against the Ghouls
Champion of Bartonia +50% Increase in Attack Speed Bartonia - Tourney
Trargish Horse Adds +3 Movement Speed to your Hero The Trarg
Griffon Eggs Adds +30 XP for all Griffons White Mountain - Griffon Raid
Mithril Vein Adds +10 to your Hero's armor Khaz-Barak
Frostwyrm Pelt Adds +15 to your Hero's cold resistance Ylarie - Defence of Ylarie
Iron Fortress Key #1 Locks and unlocks the door to Gorgon's Iron Fortress
Iron Fortress Key #2 Locks and unlocks the door to Gorgon's Iron Fortress
Iron Fortress Key #3 Locks and unlocks the door to Gorgon's Iron Fortress
Hand of Sartek Adds +8 Combat for your Hero

Finger 1 and 2 - Gap of Ar

Finger 3 and 4 - Realms of War

Finger 5 - Plains of Ar

Order of Selentia +6 Morale to your troops Enmouth
Heart of Zhur Immunity to Poison Zhur(unlocks later in campaign, east to The Trarg)

Retinue UnitsEdit

During the campaign, it is possible to recruit certain units for your hero's retinue. Before they can be hired, many of these units have requirements that can depend on the completion of certain scenarios or even the hero's alignment to the settlement's race.

Frost Dragon (Ragnar)

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