Dancing Sword

Combat: 6
Hits: 60
Speed: 12
Damage: 15 Slashing
Armor: 10
Resistance: 15
Resistant vs: Piercing
Vulnerable vs: Electrical
View: 12
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Small
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Mechanical

-Can cross water

Dancing Swords are floating melee units.



Produced from: Shrine of the Sword
Requires: None
Cost: 20 Metal, 100 Crystal
Build Time: 10
Setup Points: 2
Army Points: 1

Dancing Swords are floating melee units which are capable of attacking flying units as well as ground. Their cost is usually easy to maintain due to the lack of Crystal use in the Knight economy. Dancing Swords are usually far superior to Swordsmen due to having generally improved stats and resistances all around, the ability to float over water and the ability to attack air units - the only downside is its weakness to electrical attacks.

Benefits from Crusade, Weaponsmith, Armorer, Order of the Rose and Order of the Dragon researches.

The Sword of Sirian research allows the Shrine of the Sword to turn recently fallen units nearby into Dancing Swords for 350 Crystal. The Inquisitor may summon Dancing Swords too.


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