Dwarf Runner

Combat: 2
Hits: 40
Speed: 8
Damage: 5 Crushing
Armor: 5
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: All Elemental
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 12
Attack Type: Ground units only

Size: Small
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Dwarf

-Resistant to normal missiles

Dwarf Runners are scouts.



Produced from: Armory
Requires: None
Cost: 40 Gold
Build Time: 25
Setup Points: 1
Army Points: 1

A unit designed only for scouting. Without drunkenness, Dwarf Runners are incapable of prolonged combat and they cannot move very quickly without speed upgrades. However, they are highly resistant to piercing missiles and have a resistance to all elemental, which allows them to be used as reasonably expensive fodder.

Runners have the Palace Messenger and Royal Messenger reseaches just for them and also benefits from Weaponsmith, Armorer, Mithril, and Dwarven Brew researches.


  • Ready: "Ready to run."
  • Select: "Hi." "I'm ready."
  • Order: "I'm on to it." "Let's go."
  • Deathblow: "I'll get ye."

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