Combat: 10
Hits: 30
Speed: 11
Damage: 15 Piercing
Armor: 20
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: Cold
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 11
Attack Type: Ground units only

Size: Medium
Alignment: Good
Race: High Elf


Iceguard are basic infantry.


High ElvesEdit

Produced from: Tree of Gold
Requires: None
Cost: 30 Gold, 25 Metal
Build Time: 28
Setup Points: 1
Army Points: 1

The Iceguard are one of the better basic infantry in the game, possessing high combat, damage, speed and decent armor / resistance. Their only real downfall is their sub-par HP stat, which wont save them from any untimely critical hits, and to some extent, undermines their high armor and resistance. Although with such a high combat stat, it will usually be them who will be scoring the critical hits against other basic infantry. They can also be upgraded in tier 3 for +10 damage, allowing their damage output to still sting later on as the game advances.

They are also meant to do triple damage vs. Dwarven units, but due to a typo in the source code, they do not.

Benefits from Healing and Dragon Warriors researches.


  • Ready: "The Ice Guard never rest."
  • Select: "Prepare." "I am ready." "Her will be done."
  • Order: "Indeed." "For Ehlanna!" "In the Queen's name."
  • Deathblow: "My spear seeks your soul!"

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