Combat: 15
Hits: 175
Speed: 9
Damage: 40 Electrical
Armor: 10
Resistance: 20
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: ?
Attack Type: Ground units only

Max Mana: 50
Start Mana: 20

Size: Medium
Alignment: Good
Race: Human / Extra Planar

-Can convert buildings
-Can cast Purify (50 mana)
-Can cast Summon Blades (45 mana)
-Double damage vs evil enemies

Inquisitors are Generals.



Produced from: Cathedral
Requires: Keep (level 5)
Cost: 80 Gold, 150 Crystal
Build Time: 80
Setup Points: 5
Army Points: 1

Although the Inquisitor seems frailer than most melee generals with a lower than average combat and speed stat, the Inquisitor should not be underestimated. These generals have the ability to destroy evil enemies with its Purify spell as well as summon a group of Dancing Swords to assist the player. Another feature is its powerful and near-unique electrical melee attack which deals double damage to all evil enemies.

Benefits from Crusade, Weaponsmith, Armorer, Order of the Rose and Order of the Dragon researches.


  • Ready: "I seek only the truth."
  • Select: "Tell the truth." "Tell me now!" "The time for lies is past." "Nobody expects the Etherian Inquisition!"
  • Order: "Submit!" "Answer this!" "Evil is everywhere." "Your thoughts betray you."
  • Conversion: "This site has been cleansed."

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