King Khalid

Combat: 20
Hits: 800
Speed: 10
Damage: 90 Electrical
Range: 8
Armor: 30
Resistance: 30
Resistant vs: All Elemental
Vulnerable vs: Piercing
View: 8
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Huge
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Dwarf / Titan

-Cause Terror (10)
-Ignores armor
-Does not count as being a missile unit
-Explodes into Rings of Fire upon death

King Khalid is a titan.



Produced from: Brewery
Requires: Citadel (level 5)
Cost: 1200 Gold, 1200 Metal, 1200 Stone, 1200 Crystal
Build Time: 600
Setup Points: ?
Army Points: 4

King Khalid would be seen as a typical ranged Titan, possessing an average range and expected stats. However, there are a couple of things which makes this untrue and makes King Khalid unique.

Firstly, he doesn't count as being a missile unit. This means he can still fight at his full combat stat when engaged in melee, as well as being unaffected by the Orcs' "Cowards" powerup. Further more, this allows his ranged attack to be upgraded by the Weaponsmith and Mithril upgrades, allowing him to reach a ranged damage amount of 105! Secondly, like with all other units in the game with the Dwarf or Minotaur racial tag, he can take advantage of the Dwarven Brew powerup, allowing him to temporarily increase his combat and speed stat for a small fee of gold.

Although these traits make him slightly different to other ranged Titans, they're not actually note worthy or practical enough to be of much use to him. With only an average range of 8 and a horrifying weakness to piercing attacks, King Khalid will find himself under common archer projectiles all too often, that'll also quickly chip away at his HP. These drawbacks mean that King Khalid must have a decent retinue of sturdy body guards around him at all times. Fortunately for him, although the Dwarves are short folks, they aren't short on options for defensive formations. Between Dwarf Lords, Berserkers, Khazrimi Guards and Runners, King Khalid can find the appropriate guards for the situation, allowing him to focus his mighty ranged attack towards a target worthy of his attention! But it must be noted that, although he has such high combat that misses from his attacks are rare, they have no scatter which results in a missed attack being an actual miss - I.E: a wasted attack.

Benefits from Weaponsmith, Armorer, Mithril, Dwarven Brew researches.


  • Ready: "Show some respect, the King is here!"
  • Select: "Lift me up!" "By the hammer of Melanon." "Make way for the King." "You've got nothing to fear from these bunch of girls!"
  • Order: "Faster!" "Come on lads!" "I'm not that heavy, am I?" "Me granny could run faster than you lads."

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