King Lunarian

Combat: 25
Hits: 800
Speed: 15
Damage: 160 Piercing
Armor: 30
Resistance: 30
Resistant vs: Cold
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 8
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Huge
Alignment: Good
Race: Monster / Titan

-Causes Terror (10)
-Ignores Armor

King Lunarion is a titan.


High ElvesEdit

Produced from: Tower of the Moon
Requires: White Tower (level 5)
Cost: 1200 Gold, 1200 Metal, 1200 Stone, 1200 Crystal
Build Time: 600
Setup Points: 20
Army Points: 4

The legendary king of the High Elves, riding a beautiful golden dragon. Causing 160 damage to enemies, Lunarion and his dragon can destroy a vast army. Unfortunately, he does piercing damage which makes him weak against buildings. King Lunarion's flying ability makes up for this as most units can't hit him.

Benefits from Healing research.


  • Ready: "Make way for the Moon King!"
  • Select: "To arms!" "Take off your weapons." "Swear fealty to me." "Submit to my power."
  • Order: "Duty leads us." "Honor guides us." "Courage strengthens us." "Such is the will of the King."
  • Deathblow: "Off with his head!"

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