Knight Unit

Combat: 9
Hits: 120
Speed: 16
Damage: 20 Slashing
Armor: 10
Resistance: 5
Resistant vs: All Physical
Vulnerable vs: All Elemental
View: 8
Attack Type: Ground units only

Size: Large
Alignment: Good
Race: Human


Knights are basic cavalry units.



Produced from: Stables
Requires: None
Cost: 50 Gold, 90 Metal
Build Time: 65
Setup Points: 3
Army Points: 2

Knights are the Knight race's basic cavalry unit. They have a very powerful resistance to all physical attacks, but are weak to all elemental damage types. The Knight is also the fastest and easiest to produce Knight cavalry unit. However, given time and resources, the other Knights are a significantly superior production choice.

Benefits from Crusade, Weaponsmith, Armorer, Full Plate Armor, Warhorse, Order of the Rose, Order of the Pegasus, Order of the Dragon, Paladin, and Grand Paladin researches.


  • Ready: "A good day for a battle, eh?"
  • Select: "Gather the troops." "This looks promising." "Looking forward to a good fight!"
  • Order: "We're off." "Move out!" "Keep it lively."
  • Deathblow: "Another notch in my blade!"

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