Kolbold Sniper

Combat: 7
Hits: 25
Speed: 10
Damage: 20 Piercing
Range: 12
Armor: 0
Resistance: 5
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 7
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Medium
Alignment: Evil
Race: Orc


Kobold Snipers are missile units.



Produced from: Orchold (level 2 or above)
Requires: None
Cost: 120 Gold
Build Time: 35
Setup Points: 2
Army Points: 1

The basic missile unit for the Orc race. It bears fantastic ranged ability, but at the cost of high frailty. These units can outrange ungarrisoned towers and are extremely effective against Dragons (except Dragonliches) and any high combat enemies which can't normally be taken down with other units.

Benefits from Training and Eagle Eye research.


  • Ready: "Just need one clear shot."
  • Select: "Yeah?" "Way to go!" "Don't mess with me."
  • Order: "Ready?" "Aim." "Fire!"

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