Timeline of Etheria Edit

A timeline detailing all events in Etheria up to 3745. This was allegedly written by Steve Fawkner as part of a help file but was never finished. It may have been made before Warlords 3.

The Pantheon of Etheria Edit

The author of this document is unknown. It contains details based on all the gods of Etheria. Some information may be official, though largely this document can be regarded as fan-made.

The Unified History of Etheria Edit

This document was written by Chronos. It is based off the Timeline of Etheria and may include fan-made and/or incorrect elements.

WBC3 Official LoreEdit

This information has been directly taken from the game's files. Included are all of the lore segments that are presented in the book on the loading screens.

Warlords D&D Cultures SpreadsheetEdit

Fan-made descriptions about the cultures in Etheria, intended to be used for a pen and paper style game. Created by DM's Choice, formerly known as "Oakman".

History of the Diraqine Empire Edit

A fan-made history of the Diraqine Empire created by DM's Choice, formerly known as "Oakman". It was created to fill a gap in the franchise's lore.

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