Combat: 4
Hits: 75
Speed: 2
Damage: 60 Piercing
Range: 12
Armor: 15
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: Piercing
Vulnerable vs: Fire
View: 8
Attack Type: Ground units only

Max Mana: 25
Start Mana: 5

Size: Large
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Mechanical

-Can cast Multishot (25 mana)
-Missiles deal splash damage and can carry through units to strike multiple targets

Manticores are siege weapons.


High ElvesEdit

Produced from: Shooting Range
Requires: White Tower (level 4 and 5)
Cost: 100 Gold, 200 Metal
Build Time: 100
Setup Points: 6
Army Points: 4

Despite being titled a Siege Weapon, the Manticore is an anti-infantry weapon that's designed to slaughter hordes of enemies simultaneously, and it couldn't be better in that regard! With splash damage, carry through and the Multishot ability, the Manticore can take out many enemy units and with ease. Although it can't hit aerial targets, the Multishot ability can. This ensures that it's not entirely helpless against fliers and can even rid the area of those pesky weaker fliers that can hit grounded targets, such as Imps and Lightning Hawks.

The Manticore's limiting factor comes from its lack of mobility. While the rest of the High Elven army can run rings around their foe and strike them afar with the many other ranged weapons they have access to, the Manticore gets left behind and in most cases (well, for me at least) the Manticore is best suited for base defense instead of assault.

Benefits from Healing research.


  • Ready: "Fear of us, scorpions sting!"

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