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This page is a step-by-step guide on how to upload maps to the Warlords Battlecry Wiki. The steps can be seen below:

  1. Edit the Map Template main page located here (the main page, not the header). Copy the template from 'Map Name - No Poll' to the '|}' end table parameter. Then, close the editor and go back to the Map Downloads page.
  2. Your map needs to be placed in alphabetical order. Edit the main page of the correct alphabetical section and create a space. This is where your map is going to be put.
  3. Paste the Map Template in the clear space made in point 2.
  4. Optional: Go into the Source Editor and put spaces after any of the options in the Poll. This will distinguish the poll from other maps' polls.
  5. Fill out the map's details (from Version to Description). See other maps to help understand what is needed for these sections.
  6. Give the map a minimap image. This can be done by screen capturing the game and using image editing software to cut the minimap out.
  7. Lastly, Upload the map somewhere and give the Download button a link. Download links must not direct to nefarious or infected sites. If so, they will be removed and you will be informed by a moderator.

If any problems persist, please ask for help from Wiki users or contact a moderator.

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