Minotaur Infantry

Combat: 7
Hits: 80
Speed: 9
Damage: 12 Crushing
Armor: 5
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 8
Attack Type: Ground units only

Size: Medium
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Minotaur

-Can eat animals to heal

Minotaurs are basic infantry.



Produced from: Arena
Requires: None
Cost: 100 Metal
Build Time: 45
Setup Points: 2
Army Points: 1

The Minotaur is the basic infantry of the Minotaur race. At its initial production, it is reasonably tough albeit quite expensive. However once fully upgraded, it can be a very powerful melee unit that should be feared. The Minotaur can go berserk and drunk which makes Minotaurs incredibly dangerous, massively boosting their speed and combat at the cost of 1 damage per second.

Benefits from Hand of Sartek, Training, Eagle Eye, Iron Clad Horns, Iron Shod Hooves, Shield of Sartek, Wind of Sartek, Dwarven Brew, and Berserker researches.


  • Ready: "We come for battle!"
  • Select: "*Growl*" "What?" "I smell blood."
  • Order: "*Growl*" "Kill!" "Eat!"
  • Deathblow: "Feast tonight! Ha ha ha ha!"

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