Minotaur King

Combat: 20
Hits: 300
Speed: 12
Damage: 80 Slashing
Armor: 10
Resistance: 15
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 7
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Huge
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Minotaur

-Can convert buildings
-Causes fear (5)
-Ignores armor
-Can eat animals to heal

Minotaur Kings are generals.



Produced from: Ziggurat (level 5)
Requires: Spirit of Sartek research
Cost: 400 Gold 400 Metal
Build Time: 180
Setup Points: 12
Army Points: 4

The Minotaur King is controversially the most fearsome of all generals in the game. There is no non-Titan, non-Hero unit that deals as much damage as a fully upgraded Minotaur King. On top of that utterly devastating attack damage, he has pretty good combat, great hits (actually drawing with the T Rex for best non-Titan, non-Hero, non-Dragon unit hits), ignores armor (even of buildings) and causes fear in nearby enemy units. There is relatively little that can directly counter a Minotaur King other than a large army, a wall of ranged-units (requiring melee fodder support), a highly upgraded tower or a Barbarian Reaver.

Benefits from Hand of Sartek, Training, Eagle Eye, Iron Clad Horns, Iron Shod Hooves, Shield of Sartek, Wind of Sartek, Dwarven Brew, and Berserker researches.


  • Ready: "Bow down before the avatar!"
  • Select: "And now?" "Yes?" "Time grows short." "I am here for a reason."
  • Order: "I obey." "In Sartek's name." "For my Lord." "You test my restraint!"
  • Deathblow: "*Growl*"
  • Conversion: "I have it, it is yours."

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