Combat: 8
Hits: 120
Speed: 10
Damage: 25 Piercing
Range: 8
Armor: 15
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: Piercing
Vulnerable vs: Fire
View: 7
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Max Mana: 25
Start Mana: 10

Size: Large
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Mechanical

-Can convert buildings
-Can cast Multi-target (25 mana)

Moonguards are generals.


High ElvesEdit

Produced from: White Tower (level 5)
Requires: None
Cost: 100 Gold, 200 Metal
Build Time: 100
Setup Points: 6
Army Points: 4

One of the most powerful ranged units in the game and one that's caught much attention from every patch that passed the game by. In 1.03.23 they were booted out of the Tree of Gold and pushed into the White Tower level 5 to drastically reduce the easiness of spamming them.

What makes them so good is that they're essentially uber Longbowmen - units that when when upgraded and massed could destroy unprepared bases. This means massed Moonguards when fully upgraded usually win the game. The only true way to take on Moonguards is with missile-resistant units, or very tough piercing resistant units, anything else will be shot down upon sight. Add in Dragon Knights for a mobile bulwark and you've got yourself a force to be reckoned with!

Benefits from Healing, Fletcher, Bowyer, Flaming Arrows research.


  • Ready: "The royal order of Moon Guard greets you, Sire.
  • Select: "Indeed." "Praise Lunarion." "Hail to the King!" "My life for the King."
  • Order: "For Lunarion." "For the Moon King!" "If it will help." "As good as done."
  • Conversion: "I claim this site in Lunarion's name."

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