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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Raise Skeleton Raises 2 Skeletons

+1 Skeleton

+5XP per level

+2 mins duration

8 Adjacent to caster 2 mins
Raise Zombie Raises 1 Zombie

+1 Zombie

+5 XP per level

+3 mins duration

8 Adjacent to caster 4 mins
Black Portal Summons a Black Portal to aid in raising the Undead +1 min duration 8 Command Radius 2 mins Any spell that summons Undead near a Black Portal gains 1 mastery level
Raise Wight Raises 1 Wight

+20 XP per level

+1 Wight for every 2 levels beyond the 3rd

+2 mins duration

15 Adjacent to caster 2 mins
Vampirism Friendly units gain the ability to steal life from foes (like a Vampire), +2 hits per attack

+1 hits per attack

+2 mins duration

+50% area of effect

30 Command Radius 2 mins Does not affect Mechanical units
Darkstorm Changes the weather to night and makes it rain None 16 Entire Map Instant
Strip Flesh All non-Undead enemy infantry of levels 1-2 are turned into Skeletons +1 level affected 35 Command Radius Instant Does not affect Mechanical units
Call the Dead Turns piles of bones into Skeletons +20 XP per level 30 Command Radius Instant
Ring of Ice Enemies are stricken for 40 cold damage +20 cold damage 35 Small area around the caster Instant
Raise Champion Raises a choice of 2 Shadows , a Liche , a Vampire or a Doom Knight

+20 XP per level

+2 Shadows

+1 Liche, Vampire or Doom Knight for ever 3 levels beyond the 4th

+2 mins duration

50 Adjacent to caster 2 mins

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