Combat: 1
Hits: 10
Speed: 8
Damage: 5 Piercing
Armor: 5
Resistance: 5
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 7
Attack Type: Ground units only

Build Skill: 10

Size: Medium
Alignment: Good
Race: Human

-Can build all types of buildings
-Can fill mines

Peasant are human builders.



Produced from: Palace (any level)
Requires: None
Cost: 20 Gold
Build Time: 25
Setup Points: 1
Army Points: 1

Peasants are average builders, possessing an average build skill and stats (comparatively to other builders). They have no special traits or abilities which means they can't be used for anything other than performing the usual builder jobs. Their production time is a little high for a builder, though, so they wont exactly be rushing out of the Palace to work for you.

Benefits from Weaponsmith and Armorer researches.


Produced from: Keep (any level)
Requires: None
Cost: 20 Gold
Build Time: 10
Setup Points: 1
Army Points: 1

Peasants are somewhat average builders and are very weak, so they can only be used as fodder in a combat situation.

Benefits from Crusade, Weaponsmith, and Order of the Rose researches.


  • Ready: "Err... I am!"
  • Select: "Do what?" "What's up?" "What do you say, gov?"
  • Order: "Yeah." "Alright." "Oh... Err... Yeah."
  • Deathblow: "Ooh! Bet you felt that!"
  • Can't build: "Err... You sure you want that there?"
  • Build complete: "All done!"

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