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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Immunity The caster becomes immune to poison and disease +2 mins duration 6 Self 2 mins
Poison Cloud Poisons all enemies +50% area of effect 6 Command Radius Instant Does not affect Undead or reptiles
Summon Wasp Summons 1 Giant Wasp

+1 Wasp

+10 XP per level

+2 mins duration

5 Adjacent to caster 2 mins
Antidote Cures all poison and disease on friendly units +50% area of effect 10 Command Radius Instant
Venom Touch Friendly units gain a poison attack +1 min duration 15 Command Radius 1 min
Poison Gate Poisons all enemy units that are summoned +1 min duration 24 Entire Map 1 min
Spray Poison Sprays venomous arrows at enemies for 40 damage +10 damage per level 30 Command Radius Instant
Guardian Naga Summons a Naga

+20 XP per level

+4 mins duration

45 Adjacent to caster 5 mins
Rot Poisoned/diseased enemies of level 1-2 suffer the full penalty for poison/disease

+1 level affected

+50% area of effect

45 Command Radius Instant
Call of Kargoth Summons 8 Spider Queens and 8 Spiders +20 XP per level 50 Adjacent to caster Instant

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