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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Hand of Flame Strikes enemies for 20 fire damage +10 fire damage 10 Command Radius Instant 20% reduction in power in rain
Soul Flame Increases XP of friendly units by 10 to a maximum of 10

+5 XP per level

+10 maximum XP per level

6 Command Radius Instant
Cauterize Heals friendly units for 25 hits +25 hits healed 8 Command Radius Instant
Resist Fire Gives friendly units +25 fire resistance

+1 min duration

+25 fire resistance

7 Command Radius 1 min
Ring of Fire Enemies are stricken for 50 fire damage +25 fire damage 30 Small area near the caster Instant 30% reduction in power in rain
Firebreath Gives friendly units (but not the caster) a ranged fire attack dealing 10 damage

+5 fire damage

+1 min duration

30 Command Radius 1 min
Berserker Sets fire to friendly units and gives them +5 combat and speed

+1 combat

+2 speed

+2 mins duration

15 Command Radius 2 mins

Does not affect Mechanical units

Immolated units suffer a small amount of damage every second

Pillar of Fire Inflicts 120 fire damage to enemy units +60 fire damage 40 Adjacent to caster Instant 40% reduction in power in rain
Fire Elemental Summons a Fire Elemental

+50 XP per level

+1 Fire Elemental for every 3 levels

+2 mins duration

40 Adjacent to caster 2 mins
Armageddon Damages enemy units and buildings for 100 fire damage +100 fire damage 75 Command radius Instant 50% reduction in power in rain

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