Daemon Quasit

Combat: 2
Hits: 30
Speed: 14
Damage: 10 Slashing
Armor: 10
Resistance: 15
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 15
Attack Type: Ground units only

Build Skill: 12

Size: Small
Alignment: Evil
Race: Daemon / Extra Planar

-Can build all types of buildings
-Can Fill Mines
-Poison (7)

Quasits are basic builders builders.



Produced from: Doomspire (any level)
Requires: none
Cost: 30 Gold, 30 Crystal
Build Time: 20
Setup Points: 1
Army Points: 1

Quasits are the building troops of the Daemons. Their combat is poor but can be upgraded to be better than most builders. Their decent damage and speed allows them to defeat basic infantry. Their good armor and resistance stats helps prevent damage to their low hits. As with any builder, they are useful for generating increased resource income from mines.

Benefits from Binding, Might of Ctharos, Infernal Fury, Daemonic Sight, Summoning, and Intangibility researches.


  • Ready: "I grovel before you, Master."
  • Select: "Master?" "What now?!" "Hurt me Master!"
  • Order: "Yes." "Your merest whim?" "Be cruel to me, Master!"
  • Deathblow: "Hey, bite my tail monkey boy."
  • Can't build: "No, no, no, NO!"
  • Build complete: "Give me more. More!"

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