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Ragnar is a Frost Dragon, who can be found at Ragnar's Pass near the Wastes and Khazdul. First, the player needs to search at Ragnar's Pass the caves to find Ragnar himself.

He thinks that the player is just another raider who tries to sneak in an kill him in his sleep. After the situation is clarified through some speech, the player makes an agreement with Ragnar:

If the player clears the cave's surroundings and the Pass from the Orcs, Dark Dwarves and the Undead, Ragnar will join him. (recruitable into Retuine Slot)


The player needs to complete 3 battles at Ragnar's Pass:

- Search the Pass

-Cleanse the East/West Pass

After the battles are complete, you can recruit Ragnar at Ragnar's Pass for 100 Crowns.


  • Ragnar comes with 80XP and it is possible to recruit him into a battle for 26 Army Setup points. Similarly with other units, leveling him up will increase the number of Army Setup points he requires.
  • You can replay the Campaign to recruit him again, thereby getting multiple Frost Dragons into your retinue.
  • You can rename him to whatever you want, just like other retinue units.
  • He is the strongest retinue unit in the game and is particularly effective during the plentiful ambushes in the campaign.
  • He is a normal Frost Dragon, no special abilites/side effects.

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