Combat: 18
Hits: 220
Speed: 14
Damage: 50 Slashing
Armor: 5
Resistance: 15
Resistant vs: Electricity
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 11
Attack Type: Ground units only

Size: Medium
Alignment: Good
Race: Barbarian

-Triple damage vs large enemies
-Can convert buildings

Reavers are generals.



Produced from: Fortress (level 5)
Requires: none
Cost: 150 Gold, 200 Metal
Build Time: 155
Setup Points: 6
Army Points: 1

The Reaver is a fairly fast axe wielding general. His attacks are deadly, making him useful for more than converting buildings. The buffs that Reavers receive make them giant-slaying machines. Anything large that's sent at one of these (including cavalry) is likely to disappear quite fast. Additionally, a moderate cost and of course, the Training buff makes these very dangerous. Also, Reavers enable the Barbarians to man their towers efficiently, though not quite at the same cost other factions do.

The Barbarian King research is specifically for this unit and it also benefits from Training, Gladiators, Eagle Eye, Magical Tattoos, Bloodlust, and Berserker researches.


  • Ready: "You call for a reaver?"
  • Select: "Great One." "Keep clear." "I'm a reaver." "I'm trained to kill."
  • Order: "Oh yes!" "Kill them all." "You'll not regret this." "Already done."
  • Deathblow: "They fall before my blades."
  • Conversion: "It is ours but I'd rather burn it down."

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