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Spell Description Per Spell Level (past initial) Mana Cost Area of Effect Duration Notes
Stoneskin Increases caster's armor by 10 +1 min duration 12 Self 1 min
Gem of Wisdom Adds 20% to the chance of casting your next spell +10% per level 4 Self Until next spell is cast
Dig Decrease the building time for all your structures by 20%

+10% decrease per level

+2 mins duration

8 Entire Map 2 mins Maximum building time decrease is 75%
Earthpower Repairs friendly buildings for 200 hits

+200 hits repaired

+50% area of effect

12 Command Radius Instant
Resist Magic Increases the caster's magic resistance by 25

+25 per level

+1 min duration

25 Self 1 min
Doomstones Hurls rocks at enemies for 30 crushing damage +20 crushing damage 16 Command Radius Instant
Summon Guardian Summons a Guardian Statue to protect your lands

Level 1=Clay

Level 2=Stone

Level 3=Iron

+2 mins duration

24 Within command radius 10 mins
Resist Missile Makes the caster immune to all missiles +1 min duration 35 Self 1 min
Rune Item Creates a rune item

Level 1 gives lesser rune item

Level 2 gives rune item

Level 3 gives greater rune item

Level 4 gives master rune item

Level 5 gives royal rune item

40 Self Instant
Stonecall Summons an Earth Elemental

+50 XP per level

+1 Earth Elemental for every 3 levels

+3 mins duration

50 Adjacent to caster 4 mins