Combat: 1
Hits: 10
Speed: 3
Damage: 0
Armor: 5
Resistance: 0
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 2
Attack Type: None

Size: Small
Alignment: Neutral
Race: None


Sheep are harmless animals.



Produced from: Pen
Requires: None
Cost: 1 Gold
Build Time: 10
Setup Points: 1
Army Points: 0.25

It may seem strange for the physically strongest race in the game to produce harmless animals, but the sole purpose of Minotaurs producing Sheep is for healing. Like with all harmless animals, a Minotaur that devours one recovers 20 HP and is cured of Poison or Disease. This is very useful for prolonging the lives of those more expensive and valuable Minotaurs, such as Minotaur Kings and Minotaur Shaman - even their Hero can also benefit from a Sheep supper. As a Minotaur will only gain 20 HP from devouring a Sheep, then those tougher brutes, such as the Minotaur King and their Hero would need plenty to completely recovery them when at very low HP.

Benefits from Eagle Eye research.


Produced from: N\A
Requires: N\A
Cost: 1 Gold
Build Time: 10
Setup Points: 1
Army Points: 0.25

Sheep are one of the most common animals in the game and can be seen across many different landscapes. Trolls can pick them up and hurl them for double damage. Like with all animals, Succubi can harvest them for Souls, Minotaurs can eat them for 20 HP and remove any illness they were suffering from and resource creating attack effects can still affect them: Petrify, Crystallize, and Assassination, although the later is not warranted given one hit kills them outright.


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