Skull of Sartek

Combat: 40
Hits: 1600
Speed: 13
Damage: 100 Electrical
Range: 8
Armor: 65
Resistance: 65
Resistant vs: Magic
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 8
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Huge
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Minotaur / Titan

-Causes Terror (10)
-Ignores armor
-Can eat animals to heal
-Explodes into Rings of Fire upon death

Skull of Sartek is a titan.



Produced from: Altar of Sartek
Requires: Ziggurat (level 5)
Cost: 2800 Gold 2800 Metal 2000 Stone 2000 Crystal
Build Time: 600
Setup Points: 20
Army Points: 4

Despite being a Titan, the Skull of Sartek seems underwhelming in comparison to the raw power of the rest of the Minotaur race. A gang of Minotaur Kings, for example, are cheaper, faster to produce and cause more destruction. However, the Skull of Sartek's saving grace lies within its ranged attack which helps out with the Minotaurs' rather poor ranged offenses. The Skull of Sartek can fill this gap with its powerful electric attack. Although not the best typing for a ranged attack and only has an average range of 8, it's still the best the Minotaurs have to offer and is more than enough to strike such units like Dragons and other Titans for heavy damage before being quickly finished off by the rest of your army. Like all ranged units (including other ranged Titans), they crumble in melee and are easily swarmed. Fortunately for the Skull of Sartek, it's found in a race full of powerful melee units that'll ensure the Skull of Sartek remains out of danger even in the heat of a large confrontation, prolonging its life and making it a Titan that is sure to stick around. It can also eat (or rather zzzap) animals to heal, further aiding its life.

Benefits from Eagle Eye research.


  • Ready: "The eyes of Sartek are upon you."
  • Select: "Look into my eyes!" "I see weakness." "Abandon now." "Believe for the rage of Sartek."
  • Order: "Despair!" "Sense the terror!" "They tremble!" "None will survive!"

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