Combat: 7
Hits: 90
Speed: 8
Damage: 25 Electrical
Range: 6
Armor: 5
Resistance: 20
Resistant vs: Fire
Vulnerable vs: All Physical
View: 11
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Max Mana: 60
Start Mana: 30

Size: Medium
Alignment: Evil
Race: Dark Elf

-Can raise Zombies (45 mana)
-Can cast Pillar of Fire (40 mana)
-Can cast Darkstorm (40 mana)

Sorcerors are spellcasters.


Dark ElfEdit

Produced from: Tree of Pain
Requires: Rune of Manos research
Cost: 100 Gold, 150 Crystal
Build Time: 90
Setup Points: 4
Army Points: 1

Much like other Elven spellcasters, the Sorceror can decimate large hordes of enemies with its offensive spell, in this case, Pillar of Fire. They can also raise Zombies to fill mines, although at this point in the game, you also have access to Slavehorde for the exact same purpose. However, Sorcerors can be taken into battle at the very start of the game, allowing them to raise Zombies and thus fill mines at tier 1. They do cost a lot, though, and have a very long build time. This can make it very difficult to get a large formation of them into the field.

Benefits from Black Ward, Summon Mana, and Sorcery researches.


  • Ready: "May the dark magic of Kargoth protect us."
  • Select: "Beware!" "Kargoth lives." "Blood and souls for you my Lord."
  • Order: "In His name." "Destroy them all!" "For the Blood God."

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