Daemon Succubus

Combat: 8
Hits: 100
Speed: 12
Damage: 15 Slashing
Armor: 5
Resistance: 15
Resistant vs: Magic
Vulnerable vs: Electric
View: 15
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Large
Alignment: Evil
Race: Daemon / Extra Planar

-Turns enemies into Souls upon their death

Succubi are flying infantry.



Produced from: Pit
Requires: Portal
Cost: 100 Gold, 100 Crystal
Build Time: 45
Setup Points: 4
Army Points: 2

Succubi are average flying units with the ability to turn enemies into Souls when they kill them. Souls are very useful to a variety of Daemon units. They can be used to restore the mana of spellcasters (including the Daemon hero) and can be used to increase the XP of a Reaper by 20 for each Soul the Reaper takes. This is the primary use of the Succubus. Otherwise, it is quite weak compared to its cost. It should always be used on accessible weak units, else in numbers. Against the stronger anti air units, they may get smashed down.

Benefits from Binding, Might of Ctharos, Infernal Fury, Daemonic Sight, Summoning, and Intangibility researches.


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