Daemon Summoner

Combat: 7
Hits: 120
Speed: 9
Damage: 40 Electrical
Range: 6
Armor: 15
Resistance: 20
Resistant vs: None
Vulnerable vs: Piercing
View: 7
Attack Type: Ground units only

Max Mana: 100
Start Mana: 20

Size: Medium
Alignment: Evil
Race: Daemon

-Can convert buildings
-Can cast Daemon Gate (100 mana)
-Can cast Banish (30 mana)
-Devours Souls for 25 mana

Summoner are Daemon generals.



Produced from: Summoning Tower (level 3)
Requires: Doomspire (level 5)
Cost: 200 Gold, 200 Metal, 100 Crystal
Build Time: 120
Setup Points: 6
Army Points: 1

The Summoner is the Daemon's general unit. It has a high cost and long building time, even compared to other generals. Its upsides are the powerful electrical attack it has, the ability to summon Daemons and relative toughness compared to most other spellcaster styled units. Summoners can take the souls the Succubus units create to boost their mana.

Benefits from Might of Ctharos, Infernal Fury, Daemonic Sight, Summoning, Intangibility, and Summon Mana researches.


  • Ready: "At my word, let the portals swing wide!"
  • Select: "I call upon the dark powers." "Let loose the dogs of war." "Yes?" "I am my own master!"
  • Order: "It shall be so." "To chaos and death!" "Open wide the gate." "Power fills my soul."
  • Conversion: "The black hand of chaos stretches forth."

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