Combat: 20
Hits: 700
Speed: 13
Damage: 90 Electrical
Range: 8
Armor: 30
Resistance: 30
Resistant vs: Electricity
Vulnerable vs: None
View: 8
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Huge
Alignment: Good
Race: Barbarian / Titan

-Ignores Armor
-Terror (10)
-Explodes into Rings of Fire upon death

Tempest is a Titan.



Produced from: Altar of Tempest
Requires: Fortress (level 5)
Cost: 1200 Gold, 1200 Metal, 1200 Stone, 1200 Crystal
Build Time: 600
Setup Points: 20
Army Points: 4

Tempest is the Barbarian Titan. He is a flying ranged unit. All of his stats are representative of other flying titans like Balora and King Lunarion. As a ranged unit, it naturally has less combat, hits and damage than the flying melee titans. Tempest is a relatively average titan. Although it does have flying, which really helps to prevent enemies from striking at it, it also has a somewhat poor range stat and projectile type. Tempest can be used to hit buildings and units behind walls, but when attacking an army, another projectile type is usually a better choice as missing is more likely to hit something else (for example, fireballs, iceballs, magic projectiles and arrows).

Benefits from Eagle Eye, Magical Tattoos, and Bloodlust researches.


  • Ready: "I am Tempest!"
  • Select: "I rule the sky!" "The anger of thunder." "The speed of lightning."
  • Order: "Behold!" "Fear my fury!" "Bow before your god!" "Bring on the storm!"

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