The Lion Throne

Combat: 20
Hits: 700
Speed: 16
Damage: 90 Fire
Range: 16
Armor: 25
Resistance: 30
Resistant vs: Fire
Vulnerable vs: Fire
View: 8
Attack Type: Both Ground and Air units

Size: Huge
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Human / Titan

-Causes Terror (10)
-Ignores armor
-Explodes into Rings of Fire upon death

The Lion Throne is a titan.



Produced from: Library
Requires: Palace (level 5)
Cost: 200 Gold, 200 Crystal
Build Time: 120
Setup Points: 5
Army Points: 1

The Lion Throne is usually compared to Iriki, the Ssrathi Titan, because of their ridiculas range. But, while Iriki boasts higher defensive stats, The Lion Throne has 2 extra points in range..... and that makes all the difference! Reaching this Godly range 16, The Lion Throne can outrange EVERY tower and defensive structure in the entire game, regardless of garrisoned troops. (Note: garrisoned towers can reach a range of 16, too, but some of their range is obstructed by their own building grid, which in turn can be targeted by enemy missile units to count as hitting the building) This means there is no base defense that can strike The Lion Throne and the enemy of the Empire must use troops to take him on. As such, The Lion Throne should be acompanied by guards prepared to handle swarms of units, ideally an assortment of Mages who can also stay back and deal damage from afar.

Benefits from Armorer research.


  • Ready: "The Emperor is here."
  • Select: "What is this?!" "Mass the troops." "Defy me at your peril!" "The time for peace has ended."
  • Order: "War is declared." "No one shall defy me!" "I shall brook no insolence!" "On your knees before the Lion's Throne."

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