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RLE Viewer v0.01Edit

RLE Viewer is a tool which can load and display RLE image files. It can also edit and show some of their properties and export RLE files as BMP image files.

TER ToolEdit

A program created by Jodwin and Maestorak to alter and create TER (terrain) files for use in WBC3 maps.

Unit Editor 1.05bEdit

Dal Gurak's Unit Editor is a tool which can edit certain properties of units (ARM files), heroes (HeroData.xcr) and can also export/import files and create XCRs.

Installation: Copy/move all files within the 'Unit Editor 1.05b ZIP' into the main WBC3 folder.

A readme file is included in the download, which shows how to use the tool.

XCRex Plus v3.02Edit

XCRex PLus v3.02 can be used to import and export files into/from XCRs. There are also some other nifty features, such as mass export and the ability to play sounds and view certain graphics in the program.

WBC3 Hero Editor Edit

Dark Angel's WBC3 Hero Editor allows to edit heroes, give them new skills or modify existing ones, change portraits, voices, items, etc. Can manipulate .xcr, .hro and .uhr files too.

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