Combat: 10
Hits: 150
Speed: 16
Damage: 25 Slashing
Armor: 20
Resistance: 10
Resistant vs: Slashing
Vulnerable vs: Fire
View: 7
Attack Type: Ground units only

Size: Large
Alignment: Good
Race: Barbarian

-Gives +1 Morale to their side

Warlords are advanced cavalry units.



Produced from: Camp
Requires: Corral, Chieftain's Hut
Cost: 30 Gold, 120 Metal
Build Time: 50
Setup Points: 5
Army Points: 2

Warlords are very powerful units. They have a great many strengths, and can be used to devastating effect. They have extreme durability, thanks to their great armour, good hits, decent resistance and excellent resistance to slashing damage. Their cost is quite low, as is their build time considering. The cherry on the cake is the +1 Morale it gives, allowing more units to be produced and also increasing the attack speed of the whole army. Enough of these can have a massive effect on a Barbarian player, buffing their overall army strength tremendously. The only real letdowns are that it could have more hits and combat, however, this is remedied by the Training research.

Benefits from Training, Gladiators, Eagle Eye, Horsemaster, Horse Lord, Rearing, Trampling, Magical Tattoos, and Bloodlust researches.


  • Ready: "Gather the tribes!"
  • Select: "It begins!" "Sharpen the axes!" "Bring your spears!" "Strap on your swords!"
  • Order: "To war!" "March on!" "Victory is ours!" "We march to glory!"
  • Deathblow: "Die, you filthy pig!"

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