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Warlords Battlecry Wikia is an unofficial community Wiki containing all information about Warlords Battlecry 3 and relevant lore and information about any related franchise.

This Wiki aims to provide information based on each of the main patch versions 1.03.24, 1.03 and eventually 1.03.25.

Support Information regarding Heroes, Spells and Units as of patch 1.03 can be found at

The latest official and unofficial patches and changelogs for Warlords Battlecry 3 can be found in the Downloads > Patches section.

Want to help this Wiki? Click here for a list of pages which are currently in need of information and here for a list of pages which need to be updated. Visitors are welcome to contribute so long as it doesn't break the guidelines. View the guidelines for editing the wiki here.

Need help with something? Please contact a Warlords Battlecry Wiki Staff member.

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The Protectors 0.8.6a Hotfix

Unfortunately the latest version of The Protectors was released with a few harsh bugs that lessened the game-play experience. But don't worry - Patrick was straight on the case and we now have a Hotfix to correct those issues! Its main focus was to correct a bug where Heroes would level up more than they should and loose AP in the process, as well as the AI abusing their new retinue feature by fielding high level units that cost more ASP than they were allowed. But there are some minor fixes, too You can get the Hotfix here .

The Protectors 0.8.6 is out!

It took a while for it to arrive but it's finally here containing all the features you have come to expect from the mod and even more! With new Dragons, re-balanced units, new maps, new mapping features, better sounds, improved stability and the usual assortment of bug fixes, this latest version has lots for players to explore and enjoy. So why not visit the download page for it here and start your journey of The Protector now!

The Protectors 0.8.6 teaser trailer

The Protectors 0.8.6 is on the verge of release and what better could precede its arrival than a glorified teaser trailer! Expect lots a changes and new content in this upcoming version, as well as fixes for many bugs - including the infamous "Ironman Hero not saving on modern systems" bug!

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A host of forums designated to the community. These forums are comment based and cover a range of topics from help to general discussion or debate.

Visitors are welcome to post so long as it doesn't break the guidelines. View the guidelines for posting here.

Browsing the Other Warlords Series

  • The Warlords Series - A page of all information available about Warlords I, II, III and IV
  • The Puzzle Quest Series - A page of relative information from all respective Puzzle Quest games

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