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Warlords Battlecry Wikia is an unofficial community Wiki which aims to provide information for the Warlords series.

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The Protectors 0.8.8 is out!

As this is another full version, any existing TPC version needs to be uninstalled before installing this one. In addition, there are two hotfixes which will need to be downloaded separately and applied after the main installation. Once 0.8.8 is installed, apply the 0.8.8a patch first and then 0.8.8b second.

The Protectors is a big mod with huge ambitions and goals. As progress gets more complicated, updates arrive slower and further between - but always with a lot of new content, features and fixes! The latest version of the mod is finally out, bringing all the things that are expected. With a large focus on balance, many things that were considered unfair in 0.8.7 has been fixed and can now be used regularly in competitive multiplayer! (including Assassins and the change to the Assassination mechanic)

Furthermore, countless other changes and features are included in this version, with one of the most note-worthy being the new map sizes, allowing mappers to create maps up to four times bigger!

For those who are new to The Protectors, this stand-alone (and free!) mod for WBC3 has been in development for almost a decade. Designed to be a continuation of the series, there are myriad bug fixes, balance changes, overhauled mechanics and even new content! Check it out on ModDB.


The first hotfix (0.8.8a)

The second hotfix (0.8.8b) 

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