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Warlords Battlecry Wikia is an unofficial community Wiki containing all information about Warlords Battlecry III and relevant lore and information about any related franchise.

This Wiki aims to provide information based on each of the main patch versions 1.03, 1.03.24 and 1.03.25.

Support Information regarding Heroes, Spells and Units as of patch 1.03 can be found at

The latest official and unofficial patches and changelogs for Warlords Battlecry 3 can be found in the Downloads > Patches section.

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The Protectors 0.8.7!

The Protectors is a big mod with huge ambition and goals. As things get more complicated, the updates arrive slowly and far in between, but huge in content! Alas, the latest version of the mod is finally out, bringing all the things you've come to expect. Some of the biggest changes in this version are ranged weapons for Heroes, total rebalance of psyche, more hero avatars, new terrain themes, improved loading times - especially in the editor - and a massive update to the quest system, allowing players to bribe and even rob the hosts of quests through destroying the building and killing them as they try to fight you off!

For those who are new to The Protectors, this stand-alone (and free!) mod for WBC3 has far too many changes to list here. But you can expect to see bug fixes, balance changes, overhauled mechanics and even new content! Every update only ever adds to this list.

Quest Changelog

For more information about the mod in general, you can check out The Protectors page on Mod DB

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